Toby Paterson: Pavillion Plan
Toby Paterson: Pavillion Plan

Toby Paterson: Pavillion Plan

Paterson, Toby
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This print formed part of the Inchoate Landscapes exhibition in 2011.

“This new suite of prints differs considerably from the previous one I completed at Peacock in 2003. Formally speaking, within this suite there is great variety in the processes and formats employed in the work, this approach exposing me to techniques such as lithography and etching for the first time. It’s also been a delight to return to previously familiar methods such as relief and silkscreen printing and use them in conjunction with these other processes.

Whereas Patterns was a suite that explored idealised images, Inchoate Landscapes has stemmed more from the experience of cities as contingent, pragmatic and flawed entities. Two strong threads within my work of recent years run through the suite; my exceedingly stimulating travels in Eastern Europe under the auspices of a Creative Scotland Award and the work, both permanent and temporary, that I’ve made outside the rarefied confines of the studio and gallery.

Whilst taking a position on these experiences might constitute views from opposite ends of the telescope, I hope they come together in this suite to represent the excitement I feel about the richly chaotic visual qualities of the built environment, whether that be in East London or Sofia. This is a distilled and highly subjective selection of images, but its avowed intention is to be a reflection of the human energies, both positive and negative, that bring our surroundings into being."
- Toby Paterson, April 2011

Paper Size: 56 X 56.5 cm
Medium: Screenprint
Edition Size: 22
Year: 2011