All Cats Are Grey At Night
All Cats Are Grey At Night

All Cats Are Grey At Night

Hunter, Kenny
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‘All Cats are Grey at Night’ follows on from a successful suite of prints published by Peacock Visual Arts with the artist Kenny Hunter – forming part of his Tramway show in 2008.

Marrying Nietzsche, Goethe, Joyce, Baudelaire and Marx 4 memorable prints were presented including ‘Things Fall Apart All Over Again’ and ‘Everlasting Agitation’.

‘All Cats are Grey at Night’ is proverbial and complete in the meaning – in the dark we are all the same. Kenny Hunter has a concise practice that displays a mastery of both medium and material – this particular text piece has a singularity that paradoxically defies any literal reading of sameness.

Paper Size: 89.5 x 64 cm
Medium: Screenprint
Edition Size: 30
Year: 2009